day 1

I love my family. We eat dinner together every day and help each other with chores(家务事). My parents work hrad to provide for us. We enjoy playing games and outings with our family. Family time is precious.


Yesterday, we went to the zoo for a school outing. We saw many animals like lions, tigers, and elephants. It was a fun and educational experience. I especially liked the naughty monkeys. I can't wait for our next outing!

昨天,我们去动物园参加学校的郊游。我们看到了很多动物,比如狮子、老虎和大象。这是一次有趣而有教育意义的经历。我特别喜欢顽皮的猴子。我迫不及待地期待着下一次的 outing !